Deborah Carmichael, Libero Canto Teacher/Singer


Deborah Carmichael received a B.A. from Princeton University in Comparative Religion, and a diploma in piano from the Mannes College of Music Extension Division.

Deborah studied singing with Edvin Szamosi in Vienna and New York. From 1990 until 2007, she managed and oversaw his teaching courses in New York City. In 2001, Deborah was the executive producer of the feature documentary film, “Libero Canto, Voice is Breath,” by award-winning director, Andrea Simon. The film documents the work of Edvin Szamosi, and the origins of Libero Canto. Deborah’s dedication to Libero Canto stems from her conviction that this approach can guide people, both professional singers and others, to find joy, freedom and true expression in their singing.

Deborah has performed in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Holland, Canada, and the U.S., with Lea Bracher as the “Duo Delizioso,” and since 2007 with Kinga Cserjési as "La Compagnia Amarilli."

Deborah is a licensed teacher of the Libero Canto approach and has been teaching singing since 1994. She has taught in New York and in Vienna, including numerous workshops, many together with Kinga Cserjési. Deborah was the founder of the Il Cuore Canta workshops and Young Artist Program, which took place during four summers from 2012 to 2015 in upstate New York.


Photo by: Eileen Olivieri