Il Cuore Canta
A summer workshop and performance project for young professional classical singers

The first Il Cuore Canta workshop took place in 2012 in Hudson, NY. It was ten days long, and there were six participants. In 2013, we held a two week workshop in Cold Spring, NY with eight singers, and in 2014, the workshop grew into a five week project, with eight singers. The 2014 workshop was then expanded into a year long Young Artist Program.

The Il Cuore Canta workshop and performance project is currently on hold, and we would like to take a moment to acknowledge what it has been, and what it has meant to us.

We are grateful that we had the chance to get to know so many gifted singers from the U.S. and Canada. We learned an enormous amount, and we had a great time in the process. Thanks to all the singers who joined us for the adventure!

Singers who participated in Il Cuore Canta:

2012: Adele Marie Grabowski, Ashley Martin, Lily Arbisser, Elizabeth Picker, Nitya Thomas, Samantha Britt

2013: Frédérique Drolet, Elise Jablow, Stéphanie Lavoie, Jared Anthony Levin, Julia Anne Milin, Allison Pohl, Keiko Ueda, Julia Katherine Walsh

2014: Biraj Barkakaty, Jonathan Bédard, Angela Dinkelman, Corrie Donovan, Valentina Fleer, Alexis Rodda, Leslie Tay, Allison Waggener

2015: Angela Dinkelman,Valentina Fleer, Alexis Rodda, Jordan Pitts

Special thanks to our supporting staff and musicians:

José Alvarez, Rob Anderson, Will Amato, Phyllis Baldino, Windle Davis, Barbara DeSilva and The Chapel Restoration in Cold Spring, Trenton Duerksen, Daniele Frazier, Bill Fuller, Melinda Hall, Elizabeth Kurtzman, Dini Lamot, Niki Logis, Myron Lutzke, Doug Martin, Jason Priset, Diane Quinn, Rob Ross, Jeremy Siegel, Eileen Olivieri, Bradley Wehrle, Priska Wenger, The Hudson Opera House, and others too numerous to name. Also a very special thanks to Maria Logis, without whom the entire project could never have happened!


Il Cuore Canta YAP 2015
The Enchanted Pomegrante


Il Cuore Canta 2014
Il Cuore Canta 2013
Il Cuore Canta 2012