Introduction: Lessons and Workshops

The Szamosi approach is a school of thought, a set of principles, an attitude toward singing and music making. Since it is not a "method", teachers may have diverse ways of putting these principles into practice; they may have diverse "methods".

Environment of Acceptance

In general, a student of the Szamosi approach will experience exercises that are relaxing, loosening, enlivening, or playful. If images are used, they will tend to be non-directive, leaving room for the student's subjective experience and for serendipitous events. Teachers generally give little direct verbal instruction, but ask frequent questions about how the student perceives or understands what is happening in the lesson. We encourage an attitude of curiosity. We create an environment of acceptance of the student as he is in each moment, and of all that is authentic and spontaneous. We consider music itself to be the most vital guide in singing, and therefore we often work with students on deepening the ability to hear or imagine music in the mind. We consider that voice, however beautiful, is not an end in itself, but only the vehicle for genuine expression within the forms of music.

Broad Application

The Szamosi approach was originally conceived in the context of Western classical music. It can be of equal value, however, to singers of other musical genres, and to actors, public speakers, teachers, etc.

Lessons are usually an hour once or twice a week, or a half hour twice a week. Prices vary from teacher to teacher. Workshops for both new and regular students are offered by some teachers, as well as participation in yearly or twice-yearly student concerts.