Teaching Positions

Singing Teacher, New York, NY

Teach solfeggio, vocal skills and singing to individuals and groups, including professional singers and singing teachers, using the Libero Canto Szamosi ® technique. Teach the fundamental principles of the Libero Canto Szamosi ® technique that the organs of breathing and singing can be allowed to function and not made to function. Lead and conduct workshops and prepare singers for solo and choral recitals and concerts, using the Libero Canto Szamosi ® technique. Lecture about the Libero Canto Szamosi ® approach at various venues and lead master classes. Audition new participants and assist with selecting participants. Assist with arranging music compositions and performances in accordance with the Libero Canto Szamosi® technique, the vision of Libero Canto, and the talents of the program participants. Sing in recitals, using the Libero Canto Szamosi ® technique. Reqts: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Music or a related field, and 1 year of experience in the position offered or related position, including 1 year of experience with: Teaching the Libero Canto Szamosi ® technique of singing; Directing singing rehearsals and performances; Teaching solfeggio; Teaching music theory, ear training, vocal training, performance and piano. Send resume to Libero Canto Singing, LLC
by email to:  deborahcar@earthlink.net.