Student Testimonials


My intensive work with Edvin Szamosi has opened for me a process of singing and teaching that is so revealing, revitalizing, and natural that I cannot imagine how I did without it for so long... Incidentally, I find that many technical problems begin to solve themselves as there is less and less for the singer to "do". The most difficult work is the process of allowing oneself not to "do", but to breathe out without tension.

– Eleanor Clark

…I understand now that if I can finally find a little peace in my body, my imagination has the opportunity, or even the invitation, to animate it... This process aims at shedding the layers of protective postures that one builds up over time, both physically and spiritually... It is like discovering the child in yourself again and caring for it very lovingly. I would like to thank you with all my heart for working so hard and so generously with me. I know no other teacher like you.

– Susanne Peck, about Edvin Szamosi

Edvin's teaching consistently and predictably reinforces the body's instincts and reflexes, so that singing feels natural and appears easy, and the sound responds to the singer's thoughts and emotions without strain or impediment.

– Sandra Goodman

This approach is unlike anything else I have ever experienced--it is intensely physical and active, yet completely receptive…. I feel like I have found a path that is as deep, rewarding, mysterious, and rich as life itself.

– Brina Bishop

My singing definitely became easier. In the past, I would tire and get a sore throat. This year, in some cases I was more ready to sing towards the end of Messiah than at the beginning. This was a revelation and a personal triumph.

– Peter Coulianos